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Our story

Hello, we are Johan and Dominique, a Belgian couple from the vicinity of Ghent.  We are the proud parents of 4 adult children who have all left the nest to fly out into the world.  We now live alternatively in France and in Belgium.


But our story in the Lot started more than 20 years ago, when our children were still very young.  It all started after the illness and the premature death of Johan’s father and sister, very short after each other, when we felt the need to look for a new, meaningful goal in life.


A tiny advertisement in a Belgian newspaper caught our attention : a house for sale in the Lot, a region of France  completely unknown to us until then.  But Lot is also the name of one our daughters, a nice excuse for a few days of vacation to visit Monplaisir.  We always loved France, undoubtedly the most beautiful country in (Western)  Europe, far enough and yet close by. 


And so it happened.  It was love at first sight, un ‘coup de foudre’ as the French would say.  In 2001, we became the proud owners of Monplaisir, a former farm with an accompanying 5.5 ha of land, where the first renovation works had already been started by the previous owner.


But of course there was still a lot of work to be done and for 20 years we continued to live and work in Belgium, while we took up all our vacation days to do odd jobs in and around our French home. Over the course of years, it evolved into a beautiful,  authentic holiday venue where both we and our guests can feel at home and enjoy a blissful holiday in the sunny south on the countryside of “la douce France”. We look forward to welcoming you there!


Have a nice holiday !


Johan and Dominique



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