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Saint-Matré is a peaceful village of 6.5 km² and only has around 120 inhabitants. Since the beginning of 2019, together with 3 other small villages, it forms the new merged municipality of Porte-du-Quercy.  

Saint-Matré is, just like the rest of the region, a colourful sequence of vineyards, sunflower fields, forests, valleys, melon and grain fields and  other pieces of nature. There is no mass tourism to be found here. 


The vineyards of Saint-Matré belong to the AOP of the Cahors (Appellation d’Origine Protégée). This also applies to the vineyard that is right next to the pool. You can taste the results at one of the many wine growers in the region, of which we would like to recommend a few to you. You can read more information about the wine under the tab ‘Savouring flavours and wines’. 


In the village center of Saint-Matré (500 meters from Monplaisir) you will find a post office, a café-restaurant (with gas station) which at the same time serves as a bread take-away (open 7/7). There’s also a charming church in Saint-Matré (beautifully restored inside, always free to visit).


Furthermore you can find a tennis court at a ten minute walking distance along a quiet road. We have arranged for a subscription so that sporty residents of Monplaisir can use it free of charge. Do bring your own tennis rackets and tennis balls. 


On the border of Saint-Matré and Saux you can set eyes on the Romanesque church of Coulourges which dates back to the  12th century (always free to visit).